FieldSENSE performed in the Madden 23 closed beta

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Madden 23 is on the in the works, but players on different platforms than their friends are wondering whether this could finally be the year for crossplay. With some leaks and rumors in mind, here's what that we've learned so far regarding Madden 23 Crossplay and Mut 23 coins.

Will Madden 23 include crossplay?

So far, EA Sports has not made a formal announcement about crossplay being a part of the game within Madden 23. but there are some signs that it could happen. The most encouraging aspect of the puzzle is that FIFA 22 finally brought crossplay to that franchise, though as a feature, it was limited exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 players.

If crossplay becomes a feature of Madden 23 we're likely to see a similar split as they've reworked the game engine for PS5 in addition to Xbox Series X|S with past gen players keeping the original build. In the weeks leading up to the launch, we've had certain tidbits through Madden23Leaks on Twitter, primarily focused on the ratings.

That same account stated that on the 17th of June, crossplay is a possibility however, it stated that it was yet to be confirmed. The next day, they claimed that EA tried to negotiate a partnership agreement for crossplay, likely in partnership with Sony and Microsoft however, they were unable to say whether it's planned as part of Madden 23 or a future release.

Although we're not sure with certainty if Madden 23 will include crossplay or not. However, things could be heading in the right direction if these reports are true.

Madden is still lagging in comparison to other gaming franchises for sports.

Crossplay's absence is just one way that various franchises left Madden behind for a long time, since the long-running PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show introduced crossplay last year to make the Xbox debut. FIFA 22 also took this step and is expected to come back in the event that FIFA 23. also known as EA Sports FC 23. will be released later in the year.

This isn't the only thing where Madden has a problem, since we've recently confirmed via the testing game that Create A Team remains absent from Franchise Mode.Meanwhile there are other games that have team creation options, such as MLB The Show, NBA 2K, EA Sports NHL as well as EA Sports FC all have been offering team-building options for some time.

The most significant improvements this year look to have a focus on gameplay and we've got more information here about how FieldSENSE performed in the buy madden nfl 23 coins closed beta.

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