RuneScape has grown considerably beyond its browser-based beginnings

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The company has set its sights on Gielinor's world and RuneScape with plans to launch both a board game and a book on the core of tabletop RPGs this year OSRS Gold. The two RPG versions will include many of RuneScape's most popular characters and locales, allowing for a group of up to five players to tackle classic adventures in RuneScape and bring the adventures within Gielinor to life. Gielinor home.

Players are able to create and upgrade their equipment, interact with NPCs, and take on a variety of side quests in the style of the classic MMORPG. The board game is scheduled to launch with an Kickstarter campaign later in the year, while the tabletop RPG book will launch directly in stores.

The primary book for tabletop RPGs will also be compatible with the massive tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons the fifth edition of the core books, which will allow dungeon masters to seamlessly integrate elements of RuneScape into their games.

Jagex Chief Executive Officer Phil Mansell was optimistic about the project expressing his enthusiasm about this Kickstarter idea "involving those from RuneScape communities," while Steamforged CCO Mat Hart believed the "rich RuneScape universe" will translate beautifully" into a tabletop world.

RuneScape has grown considerably beyond its browser-based beginnings over the past few years, with Steamforged's board game as the latest offering from Jagex. In an interview, several Jagex employees discussed the possibility of transforming Runescape's mobile game into a cross-platform release and buy osrs items, in September, it was announced that the game would be cross-platform.

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