A Wedding Editorial Inspired by Reflections + Dried Flowers

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Ever since meeting the delightful Valentina, founder of the Most Curious Wedding Fair captured, I happen to be smitten together with her artistry.

Words below by Valentina

The captures from the day are intriguing, artful, and curious – unafraid of darkness, along with a reflection of how the marriage day would feel, instead of how it would look. They have the warm haze of the half-remembered dream, and also the surreal twinkle of something you simply glimpsed in the corner of your skills.

Showcasing precisely how elegant and versatile dried flowers could be for weddings when used in a modern way would be a central theme for all of us, and something we loved exploring. created meadows, garlands, hanging clouds, and table arrangements using only dried blooms, and also the result took our breath away.

I built a bespoke arch for that table to be able to frame our couple with countless suspended twinkling mirrors, just like a dark sea of stars – a deconstructed disco ball to trap the gentle light dancing with the wooden panels from the barn. The stationery echoed this, with aspects of transparency and reflection.

When I thought of having a stationery suite that used back-to-front mirror images of words, I knew would bring that idea to life in a simple, modern, and captivating way, and she or he blew us away!

We also featured an ideal illustration from the bouquet by, to help evoke warmth and nostalgia. Charlotte says: "An illustration from the bouquet is deeply inspired by botanical drawings of years passed by, but additionally sits beautifully inside a newlywed couple's modern home. Compact and discreet but packed with the emotional association, it's a subtly sentimental reminder from the wedding day and can move together on their life's journey." Click

Our silk and textiles were the jobs of, an all-natural dyer and artisan who creates and manufactures unique textile pieces, each telling a total one-of-a-kind story. She explores the planet of natural dyeing using locally foraged plant matter, food and flower waste, and non-toxic metals. I loved that, as one of her bespoke services, Kylie designs and makes unique silk scarves, slip dresses, and fabrics using leftover wedding flowers – by having an unwavering ethos of sustainability and eco-consciousness.

We knew that a concept such as this called for modern, unconventional bridal looks – outfits for that bride who embraces who she's. Catharina from says of her gowns: "I love tinkering with fabrics and design so when Valentina said the shoot would play with light, I was delighted! I brought bridal gowns that I knew would twinkle under the sun – but I also desired to contrast by using its opposite. I decided to create a dramatic matt grey dress that represented the shadows tend to go hand in hand with light."

The dichotomy from the gowns was skilfully enhanced by gorgeous daytime and night-time hair and make-up look, railing a veil and headpiece, bold wooden and acrylic accessories, and minimalist white and metallic jewelry. Deborah says of her collections…

"My designs are inspired by repetition, by transformation, by time, and also the minutiae that surround us. This inspiration led straight to the creation of my cluster rings, where my obsession with repeated patterns and depth has found an ideal outlet. My Beneath collection, however, is about subverting the tradition of colorful gemstones in fine jewelry with a subtle reimagining of pieces in white porcelain."

Our cake display featured the stunning triangular frame by – our very own little homage towards the mathematics and physics of light. The cake in the center was created by: "My inspiration originated from the classic drama of light and shadow – an easy but stylish, elegant cake embracing nature."

Altogether, these styling choices which suppliers represent the special moment that happens whenever we let our creativity and our light out, instead of letting outside influences in. We hope this inspires couples to create the choices that excite them and feel meaningful for them, regardless of what anybody else says.

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