Electropolishing Stainless Steel Services in Guelph, ON

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At Excel Plating we have extensive experience in providing metal finishing services to Aerospace, Military and Automotive industry. Excel Plating also has high speed, wide stock plating capabilities offering finishes in anodizing, hot black oxide, nickel, zinc and tin plating.

Electropolishing stainless steel is an electrochemical plating method to address microscopic imperfections on the surface of any stainless steel object. Instead of depositing metal onto the surface in electroplating, electropolishing removes a thin, microscopic outer layer or 'skin' of the part, leaving behind a smooth surface.

 Electropolishing smoothens the surface for improved corrosion resistance and passivation on stainless steel. The method calls for high precision, as it only removes 0.0002"  to 0.0003" off the surface. This is how it removes tiny imperfections on its surface.

 Excel Plating has the requisite experience, expertise, and equipment to address all microscopic imperfections on your stainless steel objects. We can achieve the desired results even on the tough 300 and 400-series stainless steel.

 Electropolishing Process

The parts to be electropolished are first placed in a rack and then dipped into a bath containing an acidic solution of phosphoric and sulfuric acid. The tank's cathodes enable the electric current's passage on the solution.

 Whatever the tolerance or removal rate of your object, trust the professionals at Excel Plating to achieve it seamlessly. We maintain top quality levels even on large batches.

 Discuss your Requirements with us.

At Excel Plating, we can remove all the blemishes on your objects with electropolishing stainless steel services. Apart from achieving the desired finish, electropolishing also removes free ions and deep cleans the surface. Thus, we can also help your metals achieve passivation with electropolishing.

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