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Since its appearance, email has been our best ally to send files free online: photos, text documents, PDFs... But times change and you may need to send files that are either very heavy or that, added together, exceed the capacity that your provider allows you. If this is your case, here is the solution: find out which are the best websites to send large files.

Increasingly large media files:

Any user who has a smartphone in his hands knows that he needs space to store all the photos he takes. This is not to mention videos, which have gradually been and are increasing in resolution. And it is that there are some who are not satisfied only with 4K, which already weighs its own.

In an ideal scenario, anyone would like to resort to the traditional and effective method of portable hard drives, which today offer up to 20TB of storage (that is, the space of more than 60,000 One Drive accounts). And it's a great option, but it won't do much good if we have to share big files free online with people who are far away.

As we said, the limit of your mail service will be too small in some cases, and sharing via WhatsApp may not be the best option due to the compression exerted by this application. In these cases, you need the help of a web page that allows you to send very large files.

How to send large files?

Most of the tools on the internet allow you to send files without registration in just 3 easy steps:

- We select the large file(s) that we are going to send.

- We indicate the email of the person who will receive the download link by email.

- We click send or transfer file.

That’s it

Now you must be wondering how to send large files for free from your computer.

The answer is With this too, you can free send large files online. It is the best way to send large files for free, at least it's one of the favorites and one of the ones most users use the most today.

The file can be sent via email to the recipient or the link can be obtained and then sent using the mechanism of your choice.

- Send large files up to 2 Gb.

- The file will be available for 1 week and then it will be deleted.

- User registration is not required.

- You can send a personalized message to the destination email.