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Octagon Solutions is a leading supplier of equipment and solutions to the printing and textile industries. The company offers a wide range of products including Lutz Blades, GSM Round Cutters, Adhesive Solvent Teflon Dams, Cylinder Cleaning Solutions, Brown Brass Brushes with and without h


In the world of flexo and rotogravure printing, the quality of the final product depends heavily on the tools and equipment used in the production process. From maintaining basic hygiene to ensuring accurate color matching, a range of specialized tools and solutions play a vital role. In this article, we will explore some of the essential tools and equipment provided by Octagon Solutions that are indispensable to the printing industry.


Lutz Blade:

A Lutz blade is a precision tool used for cleaning and maintaining doctor blades in a printing press. Its sharp edge and ergonomic design allow for accurate and efficient removal of ink and debris from the surface of the doctor blade. The Lutz blade ensures optimum ink transfer, resulting in consistent print quality and less downtime for cleaning and maintenance.


Adhesive Solvent Teflon Dam:

Adhesive Solvent Teflon Dam is an invaluable tool when it comes to preventing ink spillage and achieving clean, sharp edges in the printing process. It acts as a barrier, effectively sealing off unwanted areas and preventing ink from spreading beyond the desired printing area. This dam is easy to install and remove, making it a convenient solution for achieving precise and defined print results.


Brown Brass Brush With Handle:

The Brown Brass Brush with Handle is a versatile tool designed for a variety of cleaning jobs in the printing industry. Stiff brass bristles effectively remove dried ink, debris and adhesive from surfaces without damaging them. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing operators to perform cleaning tasks with ease and efficiency.


Brown Brass Wire Brush Without Handle:

Similar to brushes with handles, Brown Brass Wire Brushes without handles are excellent tools for cleaning delicate printing components. Available in a variety of sizes and bristle densities, these brushes are suitable for complex cleaning jobs. They effectively remove ink residue and other contaminants from anilox rolls, printing plates and other critical parts of the printing process.


Cylinder Cleaning Solution:

Maintaining cylinder cleanliness is critical for continued print quality and extended tool life. Cylinder Cleaning Solutions offered by Octagon Solutions are specially formulated to remove ink, coatings and other contaminants from cylinders. These solutions are safe to use on a variety of cylinder materials and help prevent costly downtime by keeping cylinders in optimal condition.

GSM Round Cutter

Accurate and precise measurement of the grammage (weight) of paper and board is essential in the printing industry. The GSM Round Cutter is a specialized tool that allows easy and accurate sampling of circular paper or board samples. This equipment ensures consistency in sample collection, enables accurate grammage count and quality control.


Color Matching Cabinet With Five Lights:

Achieving accurate color reproduction is paramount in the printing industry. Color matching cabinet with five lights provides controlled lighting conditions for visual color evaluation. The cabinet houses multiple light sources including D65, TL84, CWF, F and UV, simulating different lighting environments. This enables accurate color evaluation and ensures consistent color matching across different print runs and substrates.


Cabinet Color Cabinet With Seven Lights:

For more advanced color matching needs, cabinet color matching with Seven Lights offers superior versatility. It provides additional light sources such as TL83, Tungsten Filament and Horizon Light. This comprehen Seven color matching cabinet enables detailed color analysis, evaluation and correction, ensuring accurate color reproduction and maintaining color consistency throughout the printing process.



The printing industry demands careful attention to detail and the use of high quality tools and equipment. Octagon Solutions offers a range of indispensable equipment and solutions that meet the specific needs of the flexo and rotogravure printing industry. From efficient cleaning tools like the Lutz Blade and Brown Brass Brush to precise color assessment tools like the Color Matching Cabinet.

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