Flash Web Design Reasons Behind The Popularity of Flash Video

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Flash offers a rich multimedia experience to the web users. You can design an interactive and dynamic site using Flash and grab your target audience's attention. You can use Flash web design, animation, banner, video and many other things to make your site attractive and user friendl

If you check various corporate and personal websites you will realize that video streaming is used by most of them and helping them to offer a better user experience. Using Flash video you can promote your products and services to your target market and convince them to buy your products/services. However, before you insert a video file in your site, you need to know that video files are very heavy compared to images, and one single high quality video can eat significant amount of storage space in your web server.

Apart from the storage space, when someone visits your website to check the video, he will consume a lot of bandwidth as well. If you don't want to upload a video file in your website and still want to share it with your target audience, you can upload the video in YouTube or Yahoo and paste the HTML code in your website.

However, if you want to keep the video file private and host it in your server, you should use a customized Flash video player to add Flash videos in your website. First of all, you should not upload MPG, AVI, WMV video file formats directly in your website. Convert the video files in FLV format and then upload them. FLV video format is the most web friendly video format, because when your visitors click on the play button, the video downloads and plays simultaneously. They don't need to wait for a long time for video download and can enjoy the video as it streams. Here are some reasons why Flash video is the wisest choice for adding video to your website.


    1. Compared to other media players, Flash player is supported by most of the browsers and operating systems. Whether your users use Windows or Mac based computer, and access your site through Internet Explorer or Chrome, anyone can see the video without any difficulty. On the other hand, if you use a WMV video file you have to embed a Windows Media Player in your website. Windows Media Player is supported by maximum number of browsers, but its loading speed is pretty slow.


    1. If you want to share your video in YouTube or Yahoo, you must use Flash video format because these sites accept FLV format video. Convert all different video files in FLV and use them in both YouTube and your personal website.


    1. You can embed a custom Flash player in your site very easily and stream video from your site. FLV files don't require any special processing system to stream the video. It offers automatic streaming.


  1. You can convert and edit your video files using Flash video player. If you don't have programming knowledge, use a good FLV player in your website that allows you to add effects to your video and change the WMV, AVI file formats into FLV.


Now you know why you should use Flash video in your website to give your viewers a hassle free experience. If you don't want to use Flash design in your whole website and still give your target audience a dynamic experience, Flash video is your ideal choice.https://animeflv.mom/

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