Judge Berman provided a quick response

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The lawyers have Madden 23 coins proposed certain dates for either side making their motions (Aug. 7 and August. 14) as well as the possibility of scheduling a date in the future for the oral arguments to be elaborated to ensure that there is sufficient time left to "enable a decision to be made by Sept. 4 when Mr. Brady's team has to prepare for its first regular-season game."

This is an incredible amount of cooperation from two sides that were warned on Thursday to "tone up their rhetoric," by the same judge addressed in the aforementioned letters.

Judge Berman provided a quick response to both the Madden NFL 23 and the Madden NFL 23PA on Friday night, during which he once more presided over the matter. Berman gave his own timetable, and addressed a number of issues, including the matter of sealing the proceedings. In the entire document, which was uploaded by Raffi Melkonian, a Houston appeals lawyer, who's posted documents from the case Berman acknowledged that he experiences "considerable issues in approving sealed documents," however, both sides are welcome to attempt to get the seals sealed.

He also stated that both sides must submit a 15-page double spaced memo to support their positions by August. 7. He also scheduled the status/settlement conference for Wednesday, August. 12 and Goodell and Brady will have to attend. He then affirmed the requested date of Aug. 14 for any further written submissions should any be needed after the Aug. 12 hearing, and scheduled a status/settlement/oral argument Buy Madden 23 coins conference for Aug. 19. to which Goodell and Brady will also be required to attend.