An Argumentative Essay on “Can organ Sales Improve Health Rate?”

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In an argumentative essay, the writer tries to convince the reader to understand and support their part of the argument.

An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing in which the writer presents his or her stance on an issue but the essay is not opinion-based rather is backed by strong evidence and reasons. In an argumentative essay, the writer tries to convince the reader to understand and support their part of the argument.


Unlike other types of essays, it is not essential to state only one side of an argument in an argumentative essay. A good essay writer states both possible sides of an argument on a particular issue. Either both sides are supported equally or one side is explained and supported more than the other. An argumentative essay should be well organized and structured with a proper and well-explained introduction, body, and conclusion.


The most critical part of an argumentative essay is its thesis statement. It may be a sentence long but it holds the true essence of the whole essay. The thesis statement comes at the end of the introductory paragraph and it asserts what the main argument will be about in an argumentative essay. The succeeding paragraphs explain the points stated in the thesis statement. You must be thinking this is difficult. How do I write my essay?


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The scarcity of available organs is a worldwide condition and an impediment since organ transplantation was started. The demand for solid organs is considerably higher now owing to an increase in serious and life-threatening illnesses. In recent decades, what constitutes suitable organ donors, a definition that now includes brain-dead or heart-dead donors has been gradually expanding social and legal acceptance. This paper will explain how organ sales can improve the health rate through two means; Allowing (or promoting) organ sales saves lives by easing the transplant organ scarcity to some extent and it reduces the waiting time of patients which results in their quick health recovery.


Promoting organ sales ensures that there is no shortage of organ transplants as they can be life-threatening to many patients. In the US nearly 10,000 people die every year while waiting for organ availability. In Europe, this number is three times higher. Those who make their way to the waiting list, have to wait for 2-5 years for the availability of an organ. In the US till 2004, more than 80,000 people were on organ transplant waiting lists and among them, almost 17 people died every day (Bastani, 2020).


Moreover, the size of the waiting list even does not completely represent the actual need, as physicians occasionally refuse to list people who feel that they are not able to obtain an organ on time. Organ scarcity persists, resulting in unequal treatment provision, rising costs, trafficking, criminality, and premature mortality. A global shortage of kidneys results in illicit organ transactions, as well as the kidnapping and murder of young people in order to get their organs. According to the report, 4 million people are suffering, not because organs aren't accessible, but because "morality" forbids them from having access to them. Saving lives is a good aim and organ sales can thus be defended in order to achieve production goals.


The waiting time for an organ transplant is immensely long as the demand is more than the availability of organ donors. The average time of waiting for a patient in need of a kidney transplant is more than three years. This results in an increased number of deaths of patients every year. A prolonged period of dialysis before transplant has been linked to a worse result. Many patients suffering from renal disease die because of cardiovascular complications before reaching the final stage of kidney failure.


To avoid this, it is advised that individuals with kidney failure undergo transplantation as soon as feasible. Longer waiting times might also increase the emotional burden on a patient. The rise of international organ trafficking has led to longer waiting times and a lack of choices accessible. Thus preventive measures like getting a kidney transplant in time will reduce their health collapse.


The counterargument says that organ sale is morally and ethically wrong in many ways as it entails removing a healthy organ from one person and implanting it into another (Kishore, 2005). The risk of getting infections such as hepatitis and HIV AIDS is also high as a result of donor-transplanted organs. Removing an organ from a living donor is also disrespectful to the human body. Donating an organ may lead to emotional disturbance and lingering health problems.




Organ donations from live donors definitely save lives, enhance transplantation results in certain cases and shorten waiting periods for recipients. It enhances the chances of organ reception from dead donors for patients without living donors.


What steps can we take to boost the number of donors? When a tough or risky task is required, we provide additional incentives to workers by providing additional perks, such as wage bonuses. Providing a financial incentive to donate organs might perhaps boost the number of voluntary donors. The selling of organs is fundamentally motivated by a desire to survive. The recipient wishes to avoid the prospect of a fatal disease, while the seller wishes to avoid the fear of destitution. It is important to remove scarcity immediately otherwise unjustified commerce and criminality can prosper. Find out a paper writing service if you need any help.




Bastani, B. (2020). The present and future of transplant organ shortage: Some potential remedies. Journal of Nephrology, 33(2), 277–288.


Kishore, R. R. (2005). Human organs, scarcities, and sale: Morality revisited. Journal of Medical Ethics, 31(6), 362–365.


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